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And sell furniture Haworth

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Logical questions

hi. who are you and what am I doing on you page?

hello. we're construction company _kbe. best guess is you're looking for good specialists?

there are many construction teams. what's different about you?

attitude and approach. we don't like how majority works

what exactly don't you like?

the fact that after a project a client is completely worn out and hates all builders in the world

and you're better, right?

exactly. If needed we'll be living on site in order for a client to get expected results and save their nerves

fine. let's see what you've got

We do fitouts

From minor works to major overhauls


  • Screed dismantling
  • Tiles dismantling
  • Paint and stucco dismantling
  • Walls and partitions dismantling
  • Dropped ceiling dismantling
  • Flooring dismantling
  • Plumbing dismantling
  • Windows and doors blocks dismantling
  • Wiring dismantling
  • Piping dismantling

Construction and assembly works

  • Raised floor installation
  • Brick walls construction
  • Plasterboard partitions installation
  • Glass partitions installation
  • Dropped ceiling installation
  • Doors installation


  • Floor leveling
  • Flooring installation
  • Plastering works
  • Painting works
  • Tiles works
  • Loft finish of walls and ceiling

Water supply, sanitation, sewerage

  • Sanitary equipment installation
  • Piping installation

Electrics, lighting

  • Wiring installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Switches and sockets installation
  • Fuse boxes assembly and installation

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation installation
  • Air conditioning split-system installation
  • Chiller / fan coils air conditioning system installation
  • Heating system installation

Structured cable system (SCS)

  • Network wiring installation
  • Server room equipment
  • Wireless Internet access configuration

Access control system

  • Turnstiles and electromagnetic locks installation
  • Readers and controllers installation
  • Identifiers installation – cards, magnets
  • Differentiation of access levels
  • Configuring and maintaining staff and visitors database
  • Attendance records configuration

Security systems, video surveillance

  • Video cameras installation
  • Motion sensors installation
  • Security alarm installation


  • Presentation system configuration
  • Sound and alert system installation
  • Video conferencing system configuration

Automation, dispatching

  • Engineering systems integration
  • Engineering systems work scenarios configuration
  • System failure notification configuration

Fire safety

  • Sprinkler fire-extinguishing system installation
  • Gas fire-extinguishing system installation
  • Fire notification system installation
  • Fire detection system installation
  • Fire alarm system installation

Our approach

We don't work fast and cheap
We work well

Assistance with materials and technology selection

Available in Ukraine, easy to maintain and optimal pricewise.

Audit of your designer's project

For example, so that everyone has sufficient amount of air, corridors width corresponds fire safety rules and toilets quantity – sanitary norms.

Estimate and works schedule don't change

After signing a contract, we will do all unaccounted works free of charge.

We are ruthless towards breach of discipline. On site there's:

  • Video surveillance
  • Strict access control
  • Security
  • Mandatory uniform with nametags

Constant quality control

  • Works execution logs
  • Photos and acts of hidden works
  • Independent technical supervision

Only adequate specialists

Worker or subcontractor that makes an error out of laziness or negligence is forever banned from participation in our projects.




To get a project idea. What’s its goal, what problems should it solve.



  • Technology.
  • Materials.
  • Suppliers.



We sign contract, order materials, start working.



  • For complex projects design and planning is required.
  • For simpler ones – layout, premises photos, task in a free form.


Estimate and schedule

Preparation and agreement of an estimate, works and shipments schedule.



Our client goes about their business. We don’t distract for petty reasons.


Site visit

To understand:

  • Current state.
  • Work conditions.
  • How to access site, whether elevators are available.
  • Are there storerooms, is site lockable and secured.



We try to give additional discount after scope of work and schedule are agreed upon.



We commission a project, correct defects, sign certificates of completion.


We don't disappear at the end

We will support and assist with issues that arise after project completion:

  • Layout change.
  • Expansion.
  • Extra purchases.
  • Warranty service.

"We, Ukrainians, aren't that rich to afford a cheap fitout"

Jason Statham

"What does it cost? Are you expensive?" – a client would ask

It's incredibly difficult to be the cheapest while using professionals and good-quality materials.

We're against meaningless waste of money, but you'll have to pay twice if skimped.

Get an estimate

Let's meet, get acquainted and specify tasks. We'll estimate everything right away.


*no spam

Aside from construction we sell Haworth furniture

We're official Haworth supplier in Ukraine.

Haworth is a company-producer of furniture, founded in 1948 in USA. It's shipped to 120 countries and has turnover of $1.8 bln. Furniture for Europe is manufactured in Germany.

Haworth furniture will complement a good fitout and make a comfortable and beautiful interior.

Haworth facts:

  • 10 years warranty
  • 70 years of experience
  • Made in Germany

Works great for a big corporation as well as for a medium and home offices.

More than just furniture

Haworth doesn’t produce just another cupboard or desk. A product is designed to solve a problem.

For instance, how to make a chair, that will be comfortable for people of different physique, won’t damage the spine, looks good and will serve for 10 years.

Haworth – pragmatic luxury

Join the club of people who value quality and dislike meaningless waste of money at the same time.

Apple, Cisco, Boeing, Microsoft and more than 100 other international companies choose Haworth.

Elon Musk looks with esteem at Haworth furniture buyer.

And lastly, Haworth is super cool

This brand isn't popular in Ukraine, but those who know it will respect your purchase.

We’re official Haworth supplier in Ukraine

Leave your contact details and we’ll help you choose products that will make your interiors cozy and beautiful.


*no spam

Or download Haworth general catalog

We are better

Only facts


We have a small team – we think and make decisions swiftly.

0% bureaucracy

Total absence of complex agreements and meaningless formalities.

Tons of experience

8 years of projects in commercial property. We know how to do it right.

Fresh blood

We opened our enterprise in December and we have huge amounts of enthusiasm.


We have low administration expenses that are usually client’s burden.

We admit mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but usually doesn’t admit them. We admit and fix errors.

Always in touch

During a project we're online 24/7 and instantly react to problems or questions.

Deadline is critical

A detailed works and shipments schedule ensures project completion in time.

Some projects that we did

1 / 26

Area: 4 000 sq.m.

Works: furniture supply.

Company was opening a big office in Kiev for technical support. Support offices were opened in different time zones to provide assistance at any time of the day. Furniture supply project in accordance with strict corporate standards of the client.

1 / 4

*disclaimer: projects were done by _kbe team members while working in other firms.

furniture supply.

Company was opening a big office in Kiev for technical support. Support offices were opened in different time zones to provide assistance at any time of the day. Furniture supply project in accordance with strict corporate standards of the client.

design, planning, general contract (old office dismantling, fitout, engineering), furniture supply.

Company was making an academy in "Eurasia" business center for educating staff from all parts of Ukraine. Design, planning and all works were done in under 3 months.

Old office was dismantled and a new one completed in a working business center. It was allowed to carry out noisy works and to bring in materials only during non-working hours an weekends.

Where to start?

If you have:

A project and need specialists

Questions and need advice

An idea, but wonder what to begin with

Leave your contact details and let's discuss


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We share our expertise free of charge and will help to do everything right.


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